High-Tech for the
haredi Community

Thanks to JBH’s unique program of High-Tech studies for the Ultra-Orthodox community, the dream of thousands of Yeshiva graduates to integrate into Israel’s leading programming industry has become a remarkable reality.

Here’s all the important information you need to know about studying High-Tech with JBH:

A Unique Study Program

The program stands out in three aspects that have no equal in the field of technological training:

  1. Tailored training for Yeshiva graduates.
  2. Many years of experience that facilitate quality job placements.
  3. Practical experience for students working in high-tech.

The underlying principle guiding the professional conduct at JBH is that practical experience holds immense value in the software field.Therefore, practical work should be integrated as much as possible alongside theoretical studies.

Our program is meticulously designed, and each syllabus is chosen carefully to cater to the needs and capabilities of Ultra-Orthodox Torah scholars.

Our Team

JBH’s teaching staff comprises leading professionals in the field, including top programmers, seasoned and experienced tech experts, and reputable advisors from the academic community in computer science.

The team specializes in teaching programming not only theoretically, as written in textbooks but primarily drawing from their rich experience in the software industry, enabling them to guide students practically in theoretical learning – turning theory into practice.

What is Actually Learned?

The unique framework of the High-Tech study program is calculated and divided precisely to maximize learning outcomes and help students quickly reap the benefits of their training.


Semester A

Students acquire basic knowledge in mathematics, English, and computer science.


Semester B

Students delve into the world of programming, learning various programming languages thoroughly and swiftly, including:

JAVA/Swift/OO | Software Engineering | Development Lifecycles
Full-stack systems from native mobile to server-side SQL/PHP/Python |

What about Employment?

High-Tech for the Ultra-Orthodox doesn’t end with studies alone.
An integral part of the program is dedicated to equipping students with skills necessary for employment even during the training period:


JBH’s study program is fundamentally geared towards practical work in Israel’s software industry.

Skill Development

Building independent learning tools for students/employees in advanced technology fields is essential due to the rapid development pace of advanced technology worldwide.

Students in the JBH training program are required to dedicate substantial time to self-learning and practical exercises.

And What About Scholarship?

High-Tech studies for the Ultra-Orthodox without financial support during the training period are equivalent to No flour – no torah .JBH assists and provides respectable living grants to students to help them sustain their households during their studies without worrying about income.

What about Torah Studies?

Of course, we’ve considered that as well! With the goal of enabling students to maintain their Yeshiva-oriented lifestyle, JBH’s study days begin with a Yeshiva-style study session.

The study routine is an integral part of the curriculum, and JBH places special emphasis on this.

The study halls are divided into 3 groups:

Talmudic Issues - Analysis:

In this group, students engage in Yeshiva-style analytical study, addressing Talmudic issues, following the traditional approach in Yeshivot, while striving to define a specific learning pace to maximize the benefit for learners.

Halachic Issues:

In this group, students study practical Halachic issues, with a practical review of the Torah, Shulchan Aruch, Rambam, and other relevant Halachic books, according to the common study frameworks in Halachic studies.

Daily Page Study:

Learning the daily page according to the order, with bi-weekly examinations. The group leader emphasizes serious and in-depth study, and the students ensure they catch up even on Friday nights to maintain the pace.

הלימודים ב JBH הינם ללא עלות

תאריכי פתיחה

ירושלים – 3.11.24 ב’ חשוון תשפ”ה  

בית שמש – 3.11.24 ב’ חשוון תשפ”ה

בני ברק – 1.5.25 ו’ אייר תשפ”ה