Integrating the Ultra-Orthodox
into High-Level Employment

Who Are We?

J.B.H College (formerly Avratech) has been a pioneer in the field of hi-tech for the Ultra-Orthodox community. The initiative, led by CEO Aharon Sperai and encouraged by Rabbi David Leibel, has been supported by a team of key figures in the Ultra-Orthodox hi-tech sector, including Shmuel Levi, Bnei Levin, Raoul Stein, and others.

Today, There are three campuses of the college spread throughout theק את country.Jerusalem – Bnei Brak – -Beit Shemesh, and its graduates are making significant contributions in leading hi-tech companies such as EMC, Check Point, Mobileye, and Citibank, as well as promising startups like Sentinel One, Pagaya, and Cisco.

The college’s expertise over the years have equipped it with the precise skills and knowledge needed to train employees for the rapidly evolving hi-tech industry. The continuous connection with various hi-tech companies has allowed JBH to open professional doors for its graduates and facilitate their integration into quality and efficient employment.

Unique Ultra-Orthodox Framework

JBH offers an intensive 18-month programming training program specifically designed for the Ultra-Orthodox. Starting from scratch, students progress from completing basic studies in English and mathematics to learning programming fundamentals. Emphasis is placed on practical skills required in the job market. Upon completion, students undergo practical training within hi-tech companies, gaining the necessary experience to enter the industry as skilled professionals.


Practical Application and Implementation

The vision of JBH is to enable Torah scholars who seek to earn a dignified living to acquire a profession that allows them to do so while maintaining a Torah-oriented lifestyle and continuing their Torah studies as part of their daily routine.

Throughout their studies, students enjoy a stipend, personal attention, and genuine concern for the success of each individual because at JBH, the integration of Haredim into the workforce is a lofty goal.

JBH is a groundbreaking initiative in the field of training programmers, conducting an intensive 18-month study program for Haredim, all without cost!

At the end of this period, JBH students undergo practical training, after which they can professionally engage in the high-tech industry.

In the mornings, JBH students participate in a Torah study program divided into three learning tracks: daily page study (Daf Yomi), Jewish law (Halacha), and Yeshiva-style analysis.

In the afternoons and evenings, JBH students acquire basic knowledge in mathematics, English, and computer applications. Later in the program, they delve deeper into various courses, gaining extensive knowledge in software development fields, including programming languages like Java and the full software stack.

Rabbi David Leibel - Founder

Rabbi, educator, head of a yeshiva, leader, and mentor to many, Rabbi David Leibel is a native of France who moved to Israel in his youth. Before founding JBH, he established the Kollel Rabbi Akiva Eiger in Bnei Brak, where talented Torah scholars were nurtured. Over the years, Rabbi Leibel expanded his influence, establishing networks of Torah study centers in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Elad, Hadera, Modi’in Illit, and even Strasbourg, France.

Recognizing the need to provide Torah scholars with opportunities for honorable employment, Rabbi Leibel, with public responsibility, established unique Torah-oriented study frameworks. The Kollel Rabbi Shlomo Eiger spans the country, allowing hundreds of dedicated workers to study Torah daily. Recently, the thirtieth branch of this network was established.

While establishing the network, Rabbi Leibel identified the challenges faced by many Torah scholars seeking dignified employment without compromising their Torah values. In response, he founded JBH – a college for hi-tech studies that integrates Torah studies into the daily routine. Immediately after completing their first year of study, JBH graduates join the Ravtech software house, where  successful graduates of JBH are employed.

Aharon safrai - CEO At JBH

This website provides a glimpse into a revolutionary and unique initiative, currently the only one of its kind in Israel. Amid numerous and diverse educational institutions offering studies for the Ultra-Orthodox, and many hi-tech companies surrounding us with promises to help students secure employment, there is still a significant gap between promise and actual implementation.

Our initiative, funded with private capital, and thoughtful consideration, is truly groundbreaking. In just one year, a student with minimal knowledge in the field transforms to an employee. A process of only a year and a half, with no cost, is undoubtedly an accelerated journey, and the fact that immediately afterward the individual becomes an employee is unprecedented and truly significant.

My slogan is simple: Learn – Work.

Here, we don’t aim to issue a certificate that will gather dust. We’re not here to get rich or make an exit. We are here to acquire the necessary knowledge that enables students to enter the workforce in a dignified and respectful manner.

The spirit behind this initiative is the desire and ideal to provide Torah scholars who had to leave the Kollel for their livelihoods with an opportunity to preserve their values and way of life. Transitioning from the yeshiva world to the hi-tech sector is a complex challenge, not just technically, but a fundamental change in lifestyle.

When we talk about hi-tech, we talk about long working hours throughout most of the day. Additionally, there is a significant challenge in finding employment in an environment with a clear Ultra-Orthodox ethos.

The combination of JBH and Ravtech answers all these challenges. Here, there is no need for several years of study, no need for excessive working hours, and no need to enter a different social circle.

Within a year, a livelihood is achieved here! Torah is studied for a few continuous hours that do not interfere with programming studies! Here, a serious and quality atmosphere prevails, allowing graduates to continue a lifestyle rooted in the values they were brought up with.


Aharon Sperai 

JBH studies are free of charge

תאריכי פתיחה

ירושלים – 3.11.24 ב’ חשוון תשפ”ה  

בית שמש – 3.11.24 ב’ חשוון תשפ”ה

בני ברק – 1.5.25 ו’ אייר תשפ”ה